Damien Laureaux

Damien Laureaux

About Me

With 18 years of experience in Web and mobile development (6 years), I'm curious about a lot of things and an eternal learner. I left the South of France for London to use this experience in a big company.

Lead Mobile Developer at the Mobility Hub of TUI Group, the world's number one integrated tourism group (240 brands like Thomson, FirstChoice, TUI, 30M of customers, 1800 retail shops, 300 hotels, 144 aircrafts, 12 boats, etc.), I develop and maintain many iOS & Android applications to help customers before, during and after their holidays.

Certified by Appcelerator Titanium Certified Expert (TCE), Titanium Certified Developer (TCD), TCAD and TCMD for mobile & tablet cross-platform development (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and soon Windows Phone), I have been selected like expert to join Appcelerator "Titan"​ program to help developers community (code, Q&A, Meetup events, conferences, etc.).

I'm also a fan of design and for my personal inspiration, I created a collection of +18,2K screenshots of mobile and tablet on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/timoa (+112K followers).


iOS & Android app development with the Appcelerator Titanium framework
Node.js development (API & backend)
Continuous Integration & Delivery (Mobile & Web)
Linux DevOps (server & automation)
Mobile UI design (Photoshop CS & Sketch 3)
iOS app development with Swift 3 & Objective-C


Since Dec. 2014
London (UK)
TUI Group - Mobility Hub
Lead Mobile App Developer

I joined the Mobility Hub of the TUI Group to develop iOS & Android applications and node.js API for customers of the world's number one integrated tourism group.

The Hub is composed of Titanium and native mobile developers, QA testers, UX & UI designers, Business analysts and managers and we work with SCRUM.

I'm Lead Mobile App Developer (3 Titanium developers), Lead API Developer (2 node.js developers) and Lead of the Continuous Integration & Delivery platform (1 DevOps).

My tasks on the TUI Mobility Hub are to:

  • Developing many mobile applications for the brands of TUI Group (9 countries in 6 languages) with Appcelerator Titanium framework (iOS / Android for Tablet and Mobile).
  • Maintaining the current Node.js API and designing the new API with Strongloop
  • Managing the continuous integration & delivery system (Go Server & Agents) to deploy mobiles apps on HockeyApp (unit-testing, build, Sonar analyse, generation of doc and deployment)
  • Releasing all the apps on iTunes Connect and Google Play (partially with Go Server)
  • Deploying node.js API releases to 4 environments with Go Server & Go Agents

June 2013 / Nov. 2014
Montpellier (France)
Isimedia Group
Lead Mobile App Developer

I joined ISIMEDIA for the launch of the cross-mobile offer ISIAPPS, the first Appcelerator "PREMIER" partner in France.

I work as a mobile technical expert on projects, trainer on the Appcelerator Titanium framework and helps industrialization process of creating native mobile applications (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Tizen and HTML5) with the use of Jenkins continuous integration server and Appcelerator Platform (compilation, devices and simulators automated testing, crash reports and analytics).

  • Technical support for production teams on mobile projects
  • Industrialization of mobile application development with the Appcelerator Platform
  • Mobile audit and expertise (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Tizen, HTML5)
  • Titanium / Alloy / Appcelerator Platform trainer
  • Technical support for pre-sales and quotes
  • Monitor mobile technology
  • Organisation of events around Titanium

Oct. 2011 / May 2013
Montpellier (France)
Mobile App Developer

Launching of mobile division in this IT company for native mobile applications development or mobile website and add support to the Web division.

  • Development of cross-platform natives applications (iOS / Android) with Appcelerator Titanium framework
  • Appcelerator Titanium consulting and expertise
  • Migration of Titanium SDK and creation of Android version of the Gallica application (iPad / iPhone) for the BNF*
  • Development of the RG Systèmes application iPhone / Android
  • Developement with web team of the mobile version (jQuery Mobile) of FASTT website (based on SPIP CMS)
  • Introduction to Agile methods and use of SCRUM on all projects
  • Business commissions with Timoa website contacts
  • Titanium trainer for Clever Institut

* Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Jan. 2011 / Oct. 2013
Montpellier (France)
Timoa (Freelance)
Mobile App Developer | Backend Developer

Freelance on Web and Mobile projects.

  • development of Android / iOS mobile applications and mobile website
  • Development of Webportage mobile application (iPhone / Android)
  • Creation and optimisation of multilingual WordPress websites
  • Creation of WordPress and Buddypress themes
  • Developpement with Symfony (1.4 Doctrine), of a real estate portal (1500 agencies, 70 000 estates, compatibility with 13 real estate softwares, XML magazine process to Quark Xpress and generation of PDF magazine for agencies)
  • SEO and analytics for my customers
  • Distant training of developers for a web agency in Burkina Faso

Nov. 2007 / Jan. 2011
Montpellier (France)
Linux Integrator | Backend Developer

Creation of the digital signage division (Sensow) on ALKEV, Taïwan direct importer and industrial PC specialist.

  • Development of a range of digital signage products intended for hotels, restaurants, retail chain (choice of hardware, OS and linux management web application)
  • Participation to Carrefour Innovation event in 2008 to present advertising management web application and the Bluetooth terminal
  • Introduction to the use of Linux in the industrial world at the conference “Industrial Embedded Linux” at NTIC Synergy Salon in 2008 in Marseille

Jan. 2005 / June 2008
Montpellier (France)
Timoa (Freelance)
Web Developer
  • Development of a dedicate Linux OS for digital signage on industrial PC
  • Development of a digital signage manager (web application) for a LCD screens network, Bluetooth players, photo or video player.
  • Development of a Bluetooth player with autonome management (embedded web interface) or centralized with the web application for the diffusion of contents
  • Presentation of this solutions to Casino Group, Paru-Vendu, Made In Sport, Millicom Telecom Luxembourg (Tele2 Europe) and the AS Saint Étienne
  • Development of Sensimmo framework for creation of real estate websites for agencies, with 15 modules to meet the needs of agencies.
  • Development of a mailing web application for the internal communication of France 3 with hosting on a Linux dedicated server during 3 years
  • Creation of an web interface for sending greetings card to all entitées of France Télévisions Group with more than 15,000 cards sent per year during 3 years
  • Management of a e-commerce website for natural products during 3 years with online payment, order management, shipping and customer support

July 2002 / Nov 2004
Montpellier (France)
La Machine Interactive
Project Manager | Web Developer

Managing multiple team projects, application development LAMPS (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, SSL) for CAF, France Télévisions, installation and administration of Linux & NT dedicated servers, working on Linux environment.

Mar. 2000 / July 2002
Toulouse (France)
Webdesign Graphiste
Webdesigner | Web Developer

Management of several projects independently or with a team, application development in PHP and MySQL, installation and administration of file servers, router-firewall enterprise Linux, Technical Support (Hotline, Mail).

Nov. 1999 / Mar. 2000
Toulouse (France)
Sites Tours

Travel Operators in Toulouse (France). Site Management (700 pages) on tourism in France. Works on PC and Macintosh G4. Management and administration of the server and email accounts for customers.

June 1999 / Nov. 1999
Toulouse (France)
Web Art

Creation of the company website. Specialization in creation of e-commerce websites.
Art Direction websites, management of online payment methods and delivery of products.
Administration of Linux dedicated server.

Mar. 1999 / June 1999
Toulouse (France)
Nfrance Conseil

Hosting and website development company. Customer contacts, website development. Introduction to Linux/UNIX.


Jan. 2014
Titanium Certified Expert
Appcelerator | License FAFD-3214-251D-45A2
Jan. 2014
Titanium Certified Developer
Appcelerator | License 909B-0149-230D-4A37
Sept. 2012
Titanium Certified Mobile Developer
Appcelerator | License C5A0-2484-A8DE-4995
Aug. 2011
Titanium Certified App Developer
Appcelerator | License 40F3-0E8E-78EC-45B9


1997 / 1998
Brevet Technicien Topographe
Lycée Bron Bâtiment - Lyon (France)
1995 / 1997
BEP & CAP Construction et Topographie
Lycée Gilbert Romme - Riom (France)